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yesterday I burnt boiled eggs. yup. left them on the stove til the water evaporated and the shells burnt. who burns boiled eggs?

in other news: I own a fancy bernous. a wedding bernous, a white cloak and hood with white embroidery. it's for holidays and other special occasions - predominantly nuptual, it should be noted. my grandmother bought it for me. it's equal parts beautiful and scary.

so I'm just about ready for wifedom. except that I burn boiled eggs. sigh.


Are you going to marry one of your hot cousins!?

I have a question, for when you have time: Why did your dad decide to move to America? And/or, why didn't his siblings? Just curious.
For future reference, How to Boil Eggs:

Place eggs in a pot and fill with just enough water to cover. Bring to a boil. As soon as water has come to a boil, remove pot from heat and cover. Let sit for 18 minutes, then drain water and fill pot with cold water and a large handful of ice cubes. Once the ice has mostly melted, the eggs are ready to be peeled and eaten or refrigerated for later use.

p.s. don't marry your cousin


nans'a burnt eggs

nana put some eggs on the stove and then got distracted...he's actually exploded. so you can burn eggs and still be a wife and mother of five and grandmother of twelve. love, aunt gina

Re: nans'a burnt eggs

yeah, I totally plan on following in the steps of my mother - and I guess her mother before her :). none of my cousins cook, though, which definitively rules out marrying any of them ;).

February 2007

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